Jason Oosthuizen Interview

We had a conversation with Oooth Entertainment Owner Jason Oosthuizen! Although he owns Oooth Entertainment, he also Owns Oooth Wine, Oooth Coffee and he’s been a drummer for a vast variety of well-known bands in South Africa.

Jason Oosthuizen has been/ is the drummer at City on Fire, Punk n Roll, Bob Marley & Lenny Kravits Tribute SA, Speed Wagon, ACDC vs Deep Purple Tribute – SA and so much more!

Jason Oosthuizen, Oooth Band, Music Interview
Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen

Take a look at the conversation we had with this busy, but successful member of our society.

What would You be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

To be honest, I don’t even know. I have been playing music as a career since I was 15. I tried a day job once, stayed for a few hours and then left.

What is your creative process like when writing your songs?

Oooth band is not one of my main focusses, however I have setup a full studio next to my office so at random times of the day while working I’ll get inspired and pop in there and lay down some stuff.


Who would you most like to collaborate with? If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

” I would love to collaborate with Arno Carstens. Opening for Foo fighters, Queens of the Stone Age or Biffy Clyro would be pretty epic.”

You have performed in so many places? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

”Favourite shoutouts go to The Music Kitchen, News Café Rivonia and Grid & Grill Benoni. They have showed so much support and loyalty during this COVID time and it’s just amazing to work with them.
You can catch my 2 cover bands, ‘City on Fire – Stripped Down’ every Friday at Grid & Grill and ‘Speed Wagon’ every Sunday at News Café Rivonia. I have a country-wide December tour with 3 of my bands doing the full circle.
Least favorite I won’t mention, but would like to put it out there that there are a few venues not paying musicians for their performances.”


Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen
Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen

In July 2018, You launched your own signature snare drum range, entitled J.O Drums. What inspired this?

”I really just wanted my own custom snare as I am an avid collector of snare drums. It came out so great, I thought I had to share it and so JO Drums was born.”




You have played for and done session and live work for Jack Parow, Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties, The Narrow and many more. What life experiences/lessons have you learnt while playing alongside such big names?

”I definitely learned a lot about my music and playing style, being able to adapt to these various bands and genres. I also learned a lot from a business point of view, good and bad.”

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

”First of all, I am more than happy for the growing musician to follow in my footsteps and I hope I have put out enough out there for someone to learn from. Biggest advice though is to be yourself, find your own path and make those mistakes, you learn from them. Also, only you can make it in this world and industry, don’t rely on others. Then, most full-time musicians don’t have medical aid, gear insurance, disability insurance or pension fund – get saving or planning for this as young as possible.”

Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen
Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen

What would you change about the South African music industry & why?

”I wish there were more loyalty and care amongst musicians, promoters, labels, fans and government. There are no support systems in place, and everyone looks out for themselves. You are almost guaranteed to be disappointed by someone on a regular basis. I have worked in UAE and America and it’s completely different there. Also support in terms of education & options pertaining to retirement.”

Coffee, Drums, Bands, Merch… What is Next for Jason?

Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen
Image Provided -Jason Oosthuizen

”Next is focussing on my Oooth Wine with the 2019 Pinotage being the first to have gone on sale last week. This combined with Oooth Entertainment (comprising of 9 of my bands), Oooth Coffee, Oooth Clothing, Oooth Music and JO Drums is pretty much where I will be drawing the line for now.”


We would like to personally thank Jason Oosthuizen for chatting with us & you can find his social media links below:





Oooth Music – www.ooothmusic,com
Oooth Band – https://www.facebook.com/OoothOosthuizen
Oooth Entertainment – https://www.facebook.com/OoothEntertain/
Oooth Wine – https://www.facebook.com/OoothWine/
Oooth Coffee – https://www.facebook.com/OoothCoffee/
City On Fire Band – https://www.facebook.com/CityOnFireBand/
Punk N Roll Band – https://www.facebook.com/PunkNRollBand/
Bob Marley & Lenny Kravitz Tribute SA – https://www.facebook.com/BobandLennySA/
Speed Wagon Band – https://www.facebook.com/SpeedWagonSA/
ACDC vs Deep Purple Tribute – SA – https://www.facebook.com/ACDCvsDeepPurpleTributeSA/
J.O. Drums – https://www.facebook.com/JODrumsSA/


Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes Interview

There is nothing we could have enjoyed more than chatting to Andries Bezuidenhout from Brixton Moord & Roof Orkes; an Afrikaans folk-rock band from South Africa. The band was founded in 1999 by Andries Bezuidenhout (Roof Bezuidenhout) and Ockert Greeff (Moord Greeff)

The Band will be doing a once off reunion gig at Jarr Bar on the 14th of December 2019. When we asked Andries how it feels to prepare for another show after 4 years of not performing, he mentioned that it feels both awkward and wonderful.

“Awkward, because deciding on a set list based on music recorded from 2002 to 2014 is almost like reviewing the music of another band. It feels so distant. Wonderful, because in spite of the distance, we’ve rediscovered what we liked about those old tunes. Some aren’t too bad at all!”

He said that the difficulty of coordinating from different parts of the world is a challenge. Ockert Greeff (Their first drummer) stays in Canada, Andries in the Eastern Cape, while the rest of the “Surviving members” are in Johannesburg & Pretoria.”A bit of a logistical nightmare, but we’re doing a lot of it electronically – WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.”.

Andries continued by telling us that he did not expect to have the following that they still have to this day, ” but the response to the once-off reunion gig has been kind of crazy. So we’re blown away. “

Drikus Brixton Barnard, bass player for the band, sadly passed away in July, 2015. We asked Andries if he ever imagined that the band would ever get back together after Drikus’s passing, where he said “not at all”.

“It felt like a fitting farewell when we sang his songs after the funeral, but for us, that was it. But those of us Drikus had left behind remained in contact – also with Ockert, who moved to Canada to join the love of his life. So when Ockert mentioned a visit, Gerhard Barnard (Drikus’s older brother, known as Kapelaan Pat (Plank in the band) thought it would be a good idea to do a reunion gig, also as a tribute to Drikus and his songs. We all agreed.”

The band has asked Simon Kruger, the bass player of Nul (one of their favorite bands), to fill in for Drikus. Ockert will drum on the songs from the first two albums (“Spergebied” and “Terug in skubbe”) and Louis Graham will drum for the songs from our last album (“Slaaptyd in die suburbs”). Louis was the band’s drummer when they finally disbanded (“ons stokkies opgehang” – to quote Drikus).

Andries really painted a picture for us when he described his personal favorite memory of Brixton Moord En Roof. “Difficult one. Maybe playing Oppikoppi, the crowd chanting: “Brixton, Brixton, Brixton!” Then again, those initial gigs to small, underground audiences in the Abelarde Sanction in Brixton were special in another way.”

Artistic ego is one of the main things mentioned when asked what the main challenges were that BMRO had to overcome. It’s explained that They’ve all contributed in different ways, often clashing over the direction that they wanted to take with specific songs. “The band never had a leader or a single front man. We were a collective of individuals with really strong opinions. But when we did agree, we made some songs we’re still proud of today.” says Andries.

A question that we love to ask all Bands that we interview is that if they could change anything about the South African music industry, what would they change? Andries explained that the crisis in the mainstream print and broadcast media has spilled over into music. “Because of cost cutting, there are so few journalists who specialize in reporting on music and other art forms.”

“There’s less room for left field, independent stuff. But in a way it has always been like that. As Brixton Barnard once wrote: “Hier’s net leë borde in die ondergrond” [Only empty plates in the underground]. Then again, if you choose to write music in Afrikaans, you do that well knowing that you’re writing for a very small linguistic community.” Andries mentioned that being underground in Afrikaans means being doubly underground. He stressed that it’s almost impossible to make a living out of it, but the scene rewards you with hard core fans who are really committed to supporting you.

“That is why, for our last album (“Slaaptyd in die suburbs”), we only printed 100 books containing the CD, lyrics, and reproductions of paintings by the artist Marguerite Visser. We wanted to make something small for ourselves and 100 hard core fans. Maybe we’ll release the entire album online one day, for the record.”

We at Rock Tot have been listening to BMRO for a long time and Rock Tot Co-Founder, Steve, has always looked up to The Band, not only for their absolute love of music, but for the poetry and the stories behind the lyrics. Andries mentioned that they grew up on the protest music of James Phillips (a.k.a. Bernoldus Niemand), Koos Kombuis and Johannes Kerkorrel (More special favorites of Rock Tot).

“As a Joburg band, our musical don was Paul Riekert from Battery 9. Paul recorded our first two albums and assisted Drikus in setting up his own studio to record the third. The Western Cape bands are into blues (maybe because they’re either descendants of slave owners or slaves, which links them to the South in the US). Joburg has a different sensibility – mine dumps, pylons, factories, banks. In Joburg our roots are closer to punk, rather than blues. Elsewhere quite varied, but maybe we can mention Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Neko Case, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, etc.”

It’s no secret that music scenes around the world are extremely different, but how different is the music Scene in Canada from South Africa?

“Ockert lives in Montreal, the city of Leonard Cohen. If you think Canada, you think of both Martha and Rufus Wainwright, of the Cowboy Junkies, of Neil Young, and of Arcade Fire – to name but a few.” Ockert currently plays for a band called “Death Drive”. He says about his experience in Canada that there is more of everything – more bands, more venues, more subgenres. “The audience for live, underground music has also been dwindling though. As far as the rock/alternative/punk scene goes, bands play simply louder (even in small, tiny venues, which makes ear plugs standard fare for many in the crowd).”

Andries mentioned that production-wise, most rock and punk bands prefer to record live off the floor when they go to the studio, opting for unison of sound instead of a production where you can hear the detail of every instrument individually. “It has been his {Ockert’s} perception that the lyrics take a bit of a back seat to the din of the guitars and rumble of the drums.”

As our last question, we asked Andries what advice he has for any aspiring rocker that is looking to follow in their footsteps, and he comically but simply replied: “Don’t. For your own sake, look for other role models.”

We want to thank Andries Bezuidenhout for taking the time to talk with us. We are going to be at Jarr Bar on the 14th of December to cover the much anticipated reunion, and we hope to see you all there!

WATCH: Brixton Moord & Roof Orkes – Vis

LISTEN: Slaaptyd in die suburbs Album – Einde Van Dae

LISTEN: Slaaptyd in die Suburbs Album – Word Wakker Mariaan

LISTEN: Slaaptyd in die Suburbs Album – C-Maximus

Interview with Voodoo Kudu

Voodoo Kudu is a Rock ‘n Roll, Nelspruit based band with the love for old-school music.
They play original songs and covers and describe themselves as “a group having fun playing great rock music and sharing this with other like-minded folks.”

After many suggestions and disagreements, Alan Wicks (Bass) compares it to being in the same difficulty league as naming a baby! They wanted something that related to the Lowveld, hence the “Kudu”. “Voodoo just rhymes and has a bit of a Rock n Roll Jimmi Hendrix kinda vibe. So the name doesn’t really mean anything, we just thought it was cool….and of course we give it horns!”.

The band members are all mates who enjoy music and have played in various bands. When they met Mike (Lead Vocalist), who had just moved to Nelspruit, they got together for a jam and Voodoo Kudu was born.

Brett Coates

When asked what they enjoy the most of being in the Local Lowveld music scene, they mentioned that they get a real kick out of seeing people having fun and relating to the music. “The local music scene is like a big family and we’ve met some really special people though being part of it.”

From left to right: Michael Clarke, Alan Wicks, Trevor Thompson

We asked them some quickfire questions: 

Who are the bands biggest influences?

“Many influences ranging from old style blues, classic rock bands like Hendrix, Bad Co etc,  through to more grungy stuff like Collective soul. Also South African gems like Springbok Nude Girls and Seether.”

What is the craziest thing that has happened while playing a gig?

“Besides the technical gremlins and power cuts etc, there was one crazy night when we played Puddle of Muds’s “She F*cking Hates Me” a bunch of old folk jumped up from their table and bounced around the dance floor singing the chorus in full voice…..the benefits of Tequila ha ha!”

What is the song-writing process like?

”We play mainly covers, but the few originals that we have written have started out with Brett coming up with a guitar riff and lyrics. Once we try it out each band member interprets it in his own way and it morphs into something unique.”

How would you uniquely describe your music style?

”Basically old school rock. We like to play the songs that are not generally covered by your typical Pub band, but of course you need to play the familiar favorites as well, It’s what a lot of people want to hear.”

When can we expect an album from Voodoo Kudu and will it have cover songs on it or only originals?

”We are heading to the studio to record a few original numbers next month, not an album as such, but maybe when we have enough tracks down.”

From Left to Right: Brett Coates , Michael Clarke, Alan Wicks, Trevor Thompson

Contact Mike For Bookings:

Mike 071 764 6181 or Brett 082 774 5821

Like their Facebook Page: HERE

Monkeys in Boots Interview

Do you fancy a bit of folk rock?  If your answer is yes then Monkeys in Boots are the band for you, and if your answer is no… Then Monkeys in Boots is still for you.

We had a chat with them to find out a bit more about the craziness that makes their music unique.

Jeannie Erasmus – Messaru Studio

We asked them what made them fall inlove with the art of music, and while they say that none of them were forced into it, they had interesting motive:

“We started playing instruments to ‘impress’ girls while having a good time entertaining our families and friends”.  Only somewhere along the way, Monkeys In Boots fell in love with music and once that happened there was no switching off.

The band had some special and favorite venues that they played at, but one place that still has possession of their musical hearts is Ponta Malongone at STRAB.

How would Monkeys In Boots uniquely describe their music style?

“Our music is driven by Vocals, two guitars, bass and drums, garnished with the occasional banjo and harmonica. The result is an instantly recognizable blend of rock and roll and folk designed to make you feel good, have a jol with your mates and hum the melodies on the way home.”

On an embarrassing note… Morne (Vocals, Guitar & Banjo) once bought a bottle of Jägermeister for the audience. “Mid gig Luan (guitar) announced free shots for everyone! With that  Morne jumped on the mic with a slur in his voice trying to explain to Luan that the bottle was finished not wanting to admit that he finished it before the show. What started as a full house ended with like 10 people left in the crowd. It’s a bit of an inside joke as Morne isn’t really a drinker and we were blown away by surprise.”

Jeannie Erasmus – Messaru Studio

Apart from impressing the ladies and drinking themselves into trouble, this folky blues band has serious plans for the future:

“We are writing some fresh tunes at this very moment and plans are to record and release a new single soon.”


Justin Snyman – Drums
Morne Erasmus – Vocals, Guitar & Banjo
Reinard Truter – Bass
Luan Erasmus – Guitar


061 503 7269


The Xpierreience Interview

The Xpierreience

Yes, it’s happened! We had a conversation with The Xpierreience, and now you can also get to know them a bit more!

The Pretoria based band talk gigs, band stories, and their new EP, “The Morning After”.

These ultimate rockers describe themselves in the most simplistic way possible: “We are just 4 musicians from Johannesburg who’s trying to make the world a funkier place”.

Pierre Coetzee
The Xpierreience

When The Xpierreience just started out, it was only Xander (Lead guitar and backing vocals) and Pierre (Vocals). As everyone is probably wondering, what’s up with the name?

“Long story short we had a festival coming up but didn’t know what we were going to call ourselves when the organizers asked us for a band name. So we just decided to use our names to form something..and that is why its called The Xpierreience”. We at Rock Tot love the personal twist on the names, mixed with the word “Experience”; and we can bet your drumsticks that they are exactly that!

Pierre Coetzee & Xander Van Zyl
The Xpierreience

We wanted to get a bit more… personal with the guys and asked them what their favorite road memory was.

Pierre mentioned that it had to be their first tour to Nelspruit in January.

“We had a gig at The Pub on the Friday, Fat boys on the Saturday and Bohemian Groove Cafe on the Sunday so we headed down on the Thursday as it was our Drummer’s birthday.” When they got to Nelspruit, they didn’t have a place to stay, (total rock stars, right?), they ended up phoning Pierre’s cousin and asked if they could crash on his couch.

“After a tedious battle with the GPS we finally got to Sabie about 3 hours later. Once we settled in we went out for a drink an on the way back we have this super duper amazing idea of taking a detour through the tree plantations and wouldn’t you know it we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere at 12:45 at night.”.
Just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse… The guys said that next morning heading back to Nelspruit, one of their car’s wheels fell of while driving…. YES Lowvelders, you read right. “And to make matters worse when the tow truck driver came the car’s battery was dead”.

Ouch.. that’s quite an… Xpierreience.

Ivan Meyer
The Xpierreience

All jokes aside, the guys said that their inspirations range between “Uncle Jimmi Hendrix, as well as The black Cat Bones with their unique Blues sound so its a huge honor to be on the same stage as them”. We are so Xcited to see you guys at Woodcrock 13.1!!! (okay, we will stop with the “X” jokes now.) Get your tickets here!

Pierre also said that “the best way to describe our music is like a hormonal teen, you never know whats coming, is it going to be some blues, some funk or some reggae.. We just don’t know… We just try to jam and whatever sounds cool we play”.

Xander Van Zyl
The Xpierreience

The guys mentioned that they usually write their songs in the spur of the moment, but like to occasionally get together and just jam and write songs. They are actually in the process of finishing their mixing and mastering of their EP: “The Morning After” (which will be released in September) and also have a single dropping on the 9th of August called “Mary Jane”.

I think we are right in saying that The Xpierreience is going places, and we are confident that they are going to be all over radios and festivals near you in the future! Take a look at their Gig Guide and contact details below:

The Xpierreience Gig guide

Call :
061 272 7910


Soul Taxi

If you are a Lowvelder and you are a fan of music, you must have heard of Jaime Negrao.  The man who carried Gibraltar as well as Johnnie and the Latin Blues Express for years.  We all were in shock when they announced their breakup in late 2018.

However, Jaime is not a man that rests, he is a musician with a passion to leave the crowds in awe.  Hence the birth of Soul Taxi.

Soul Taxi, Rock Tot, music blog, lowveld, nelspruit, woodcrock
Jaime Negrao

Soul Taxi has a very diverse sound, you can easily find them at a Sunday afternoon gig performing soft Latin blues; right after you have experienced their magic on a Saturday night of Bob Seger’s old time rock ‘n roll.  In just a couple of months, they have already been receiving recognition, they entertained Nelspruit at the InniBos 2019 pre-show and rocked the socks off as the only local band at InniBos 2019 itself.

soul taxi, mpumalanga, nelspruit, woodcrock, rock tot, music blog
Soul Taxi

Jaime has always been known to experiment with different guitar styles, anything from Brian May’s “Red Special” tone to deep swampy blues.  His young and inspiring nephew Sunny, on the bass, is one of the young leaders of the Lowveld music scene.  He has done session work for Jonathan Peyer as well as Tuin and also had local music projects in the recent past.  The musical jack of all trades a.k.a Neil, whose vast knowledge of instruments stuns the crowd every time.  He can pull out a harmonica, wooden block, cowbell and heaven knows what else at any given time which gives Soul Taxi that special sound.  Wynand behind the drums, is like a metronome.  It will be difficult not to feel his many years of extensive experience behind the drums.

If you ever want to experience a soulful taxi joy ride, feel free to check out Soul Taxi at the links below:


Facebook: Soul Taxi

Contact: 082 808 9727

Email: soultaxisa@gmail.com

Website: soultaxi.webs.com

Interview with Hollowbody

Hollowbody is a Bluesy Pretoria based acoustic duo with the love for old-school music.
Tomas Taljaard and Dirk Jordaan play original songs and covers – mostly “pre-war blues and vintage folk”, but you might also find the occasional bluegrass tune and some “foot-stomping swamp music”.

Hollowbody sings interesting and innovative music using combinations of a Dobro resonator guitar and a mandolin.

Hollowbody covers songs by Howlin’ Wolf, Leadbelly, Doc Watson, Dylan, John Hiatt, and many more. Their originals are composed with “more modern lyrical content but the same honest grounded feel.”

We had the pleasure of speaking to the lead singer, Tomas Taljaard.

I asked him some quickfire questions about Hollowbody- 

How did you guys get into music? What was that one thing that made you think “This is what I want to do”?

“This is a tough question and I don’t think I can answer it accurately. I suppose it’s just something that happened naturally. Some of my earliest memories are of me listening to some of my parents’ tapes.”. Tomas went on to explain that as a toddler, he would listen to artists such as Guns & Roses and The Rolling Stones. He carries on, “There’s never been one defining moment. But there’s an honesty in playing music and performing that I haven’t experienced through any other endeavour.”

What has been your favourite place to play? 

“We were lucky enough to play STRAB in May, in Ponta Malongane.”

He explains that the other half of Hollowbody, Dirk Jordaan, couldn’t make it, but that he was quite blessed to have Peter Toussaint and Dale McHardy join him on stage. He explains that it was an “Overall a life-changing experience.”.

Photo courtesy of “Hollowbody” FB Page
Dirk Jordaan & Tomas Taljaard

Tomas goes on to explain that they like to call themselves blues musicians if they had to describe their music style. As per the explanation, the band’s style draws heavily from the early 20th century and even late 19th-century swamp and delta blues, but also folk revivalist, country, bluegrass and all of these elements can be found in their songs. “We like to make music that comes from a time before machines became part of our everyday lives.”.

Photo: Helene Cilliers
Dirk Jordaan & Tomas Taljaard

Their plans for the future are to try to keep busy in and around their hometown Pretoria. Tomas mentions that he wants to “write new songs and play them as often as possible. That’s pretty much it”.

They are going to be at Kaapsehoop this weekend to play the Rocking the Trails festival at 15h00 – 15h45 on Saturday.

Contact Dirk For Bookings: 082 776 6856

Like their Facebook Page: HERE

Jonathan Peyper Interview

Talent, persistence and entrepreneurial drive, all combined to create the music career of Jonathan Peyper.

Jonathan ‘confesses’ that the guitar is his favorite instrument to play. He is living proof one can earn a living as a professional musician. Jonathan has a Blue’s vibe with a mixture of rock, pop, and a few other things too.  He and I chatted it up about a few different things to do with his music career and his upcoming gigs. 

Rock Tot has been following Jonathan’s career for a while now and it’s clear that he is a staple in the Lowveld community.  He’s an artist known for live-infused bluesy twist to his music.

Jonathan Peyper –
Dedre Photography

Two of his well known and hit singles on is “Watching Over You” and “Dear John Deere”. 

Jonathan’s vocals are raspy in an old timey kind of way.

It’s a vocal range that’s rare and not heard often. It reminds me a lot of those old blues singers from the 1930’s. 


Jonathan is singing as the main event at Rock The Horse Trails on the 8th of June at 8pm.

We asked Jonathan a few questions:

How would you describe your music style?

“My approach to the Blues Rock genre stems from deeply personal experiences and I have proven myself to be not only a superb instrumentalist but also a masterful songwriter and lyricist.” Jonathan says.

Jonathan Peyper – Photo by B Stevens


He evokes emotion with every note and his top class guitar playing rounds off the album with soul and power. Throughout his career there is evidence of musical, emotional and lyrical development. This helps send every listener on his/her own journey when experiencing his work.



Where was the first gig you played and when?

“I played my very first show as Jonathan Peyper Blues Rock band in Pretoria at Steak and Ale, just before they burnt down about a month later.” He goes on to emphasize how fortunate he was to have Jorik Pienaar on drums (Not My Dog), Chris van der Walt on bass (Black Cat Bones), and Heine van der Walt on keys (Borgazm & Son of Hawk).

What are your plans for the future?

When asked what Jonathan’s plans are for this year he said, “I will be releasing my second album this year and we are currently busy with arrangements for a tour of the new album.”

Jonathan Peyper – Dedre Photography

It’s clear that Jonathan has big plans for his future as he already has a plan in mind for an international tour inn 2020, along with a possible third album!

“Next week I will be flying to the Cape to play with Jan Blohm and his band for the Jan Blohm Revue show, together with Roan Ash, Albert Frost, Arno Carstens and many more, also to commemorate the passing of Piet Botha, at the Grand West Theatre. This will be on the 22nd June. Then back in Nelspruit I will be performing with Jan Blohm and his band at Innibos on the 28 June as well as a possible feature with Martin Bester. From there I will be touring with Jan Blohm and start the proceedings for the launch of my second album “Saltation” proudly produced by Dan Patlansky.

As we rapped up the conversation, Jonathan had one more statement:

“R.I.P. Piet Botha! I used to jam along to Jack Hammer in my early years of learning to play the guitar and you will be missed sir. We dedicate this song off the new album to all the family, friends and fans of Piet. He will be “Watching Over You“‘

Listen to the song here!

Contact Jonathanpeyper.artist@gmail.com for bookings!

Like his Facebook Page here!


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