Toy Run 2018

Sun, Rubber and Smiles

What happens when musicians and bikers get together?  It is simple, magic happens.

On Saturday the 24th of November 2018, the Lowveld took part in the Annual ToyRun, and was it a success.  The past couple of years the weather did not play along and it did break the vibe a bit, but this year was open skies and ice cold beer.

The most interesting part had to be that you can clearly feel every single individual whom attended was there for a good cause.  To enter you either had to pay R50 or give a toy as it is for charity and oh boy, it ended up with a small truck being stuffed to the brim to try and fit all the toys in.  It was definitely one of the more successful Lowveld ToyRun’s in recent years, and the only crime that took place was the crime of having fun.

Some of the Top local bands participated.  The day started off with our friends from Gauteng kicking it off, it was Burglars Dog.  They certainly set the standard for what was to expected for the rest of the day.  Next up was Voodoo Kudu, and their song selection fitted right into the vibe, it felt like they were made to perform at Bike Rallies.  Catharsis took over from Voodoo Kudu, already a familiar band in the Lowveld, but they always keep it fresh with their wide variety of song selection.  Then it was time for The Acoustics, and they got the party going, they got almost every single person in attendance on their feet.  They always take the party to the next level and they even suprised us with a brand new original number.  And to close the evening, the same group who was in charge of starting the day was given the opportunity to close it all, it was Burglars Dog.

If you are a fan of music and you want to do a bit for charity, pull in next year, just remember your toy.

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