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Interview with Andrew Kay

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We recently had a chat with the rock ‘n roll legend Andrew Kay.  We spoke about multiple things such as his young days with James Philips, and the inspiration behind  his sound. And, of course,  we spoke about Rock the Trails.


How did rock the trails come about?

“About  three-and-a-half years ago I was diagnosed with kidney failure,  and  not having the funds to treat it, the doctors informed me that I was about to meet my maker. Luckily, we are a tight community and I received donations from a musical fundraiser, organised by the awesome Marlet van Wetten and Hennie Piksteel. All the bands contributed, which in turn led to me undergoing dialysis treatment in Joburg.  After a two-year hiatus from music, I decided to pick up the guitar again last year and start to partake in  ‘proper’ gigs that would include the local bands.”

“The Rock Stars came about after a stunning gig in Joburg, in May last year,” explains Kay.

In our opinion this is what the local bands need, whenever funds are availed for marketing, it goes to promoting bands from Gauteng, whereas our bands are just as good, if not better than bands from bigger parts of the country.

Andrew agreed, and therefore he was including mainly local bands, not only because they participated in the fundraiser, but he wanted them to get exposure to the bigger stage.  He clearly saw there was a lot of potential in the younger bands and he also expressed his admiration for Jonathan Peyper. Also, Jaime from Soul Taxi remained an inspirational figure. “One of the best musos in the country, ” enthused Kay.

As we get back to how Rock the Trails came about; Andrew expressed his gratitude to Christo, who introduced him to the venue.  This is when he saw the event unfold in front of his eyes and the rest is history.

The one thing that we admire about Rock the Trails is that it is an independent festival with no corporate funding involved.  One of the bands he could not overlook was Piksteel. Andrew has a lot of respect for the entire band.  They are one of his favorite bands and he enjoys their Afrikaans grungy sound which consists mainly of original tracks. Over and above that, they are really super-awesome dudes.

Solid Ground, Nelspruit, Rock the trails, music, music blogHe then started talking about how some of the musos grew up in front of him, such as Kayleigh Wicks of Solid Ground who attended a couple of music lessons in his studio when she was younger.  He is really looking forward to seeing these now-mature and rocking young adults spread their wings and fly!


To host an event that is memorable and independent at the same time, all the local bands and their followers will have to get together, plug their guitars in and rock out at Rock The Trails.

Now all you need to do it to lace up your boots, pack your tents and drive up to Kaapsehoop on the 8th of June.

Keep a lookout for our one-on-one interview with Andrew, talking about how he got to where he is today in music.


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