Here at Rock-Tot we only cover the local bands, but for a second at #BosRock2018 we had to stand still and pinch ourselves to make sure we are a the right place. Our local Lowveld musicians had us confused to who is the local bands and who is the national bands.

The day started early when Solid Ground geared up, being the winners of the Mpumlanga Band Off of 2018 they were definitely a draw and at BosRock 2018 they reminded us again why they are the Mpumalanga Band Off winners of 2018. As always they brought a fresh sound to the Lowveld music scene and the crowd definitely enjoyed what they were witnessing. Solid Ground is definitely a name that you should remember as they will go far in the music industry with no doubt.

Voodoo Kudu gave us the good old rock ‘n roll feel, and that suited perfectly with the cold refreshments in our hands, the Lowveld sun and the fresh outdoors. Always making sure we are reminded where Rock n Roll came from with their song selection. They are a band that believe in what they do and what they do is good old Rock n Roll at its best.

Next up we had Catharsis, we have described their genre before and we described it as Part-Rock and that is exactly what they played at BosRock 2018. They stuck to what they know best and did not miss a beat. As always they included a wide variety of songs along with one or two original numbers.

One of the bigger local bands as we all know is Goat n Hare and obviously they need no introduction. The moment they stepped on stage they had all the focus, the crowd knew what they were in for, from the first guitar strum to the last tone from their voices the crowd was tuned in. Not missing a beat and not missing a key, giving us a rock set that you have never heard before, they made us all proud to be called fans of the Low veld music scene. This was Goat n Hare, this was world class rock.

Last of the local bands was Gibraltar, the longest lasting band in the Lowveld, the band that inspired most of the local musicians to put up an instrument and to start jamming. After almost 20 years they never start to sound old or irrelevant, they always have something new up their sleeves, they always put a smile on our faces, they always remind us why there is nothing wrong to have a passion rock n roll.

After the locals paved the way the national acts took stage, but without the local bands opening the day, the national acts would not have been as good as they were.

Always remember, you do not have to travel far and wide to see world class music, the Lowveld has it all .

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