Die Heuwels Fantasies | #BlueMoon2020

Na die ups and down van 2020 kort mens ‘n regte opknapper en met die gebeure hierdie Vrydag die 11de December 2020 gaan die heuwels rondom Blue Moon Nelspruit beslis fantasties wees.  Murray Lubbe, Johan Ferreira en hul hele span maak seker dat 2020 asluit op ‘n positiewe noot met hul konsert reeks by Blue Moon Nelspruit.

Hierdie Vrydag die 11de Desemeber 2020 is dit Die Heuwels Fantasties… Mense, dit gaan een wees vir die boeke.  Wanneer laas het jy en jou hele gesin voor ‘n verhoog gesit en ‘n lewendige vertoning gesien?  Ons het met Die Hewels Fantasties gesels om hulle kant van die opgewondenheid te hoor.

Dit is altyd ‘n belewenis om Die Heuwels Fantasties in lewende lywe te sien, en veral by Blue Moon.  Na die moeilike jaar agter ons, hoe voel julle om weer terug te wees by Blue Moon?

Dis vir ons nogal n full circle oomblik ons het van ons eerste live shows daar gespeel in 2010 en het amazing memories saam met Jack Parow en die fpk manne daar. Kanni waggi.

So baie kunstenaars het unieke herinneringe aan Blue Moon, wat is julle gunsteling?

Om deur nag te kuier en onder by die dam die son te sien op kom.

Na so min live shows in 2020, wat kan ons verwag van Die Heuwels Fantasies hierdie Vrydag?

“Iets van al 7 ons albums en veral die drie wat ons hierdie jaar uitgebring het.

As julle vir elke individu in Nelspruit ‘n rede kan gee om julle live te sien hierdie Vrydag, wat sal dit wees?

Blue Moon is lekker oop groot en buite en die perfekte plek om veilig ‘n bietjie live musiek te kyk!

Kan ons snitte van die album 2021 verwag vir hierdie Vrydag?

“Maar natuurlik ampie is mos ook by!

As jy/julle iets aan die Suid Afrikaanse musiek industrie kan verander, wat sal dit wees en hoekom?

“Wens daar was meer venues om te speel dis maar dit, ons fans is als!”

Julle doen baie collaborations, watter was julle gunsteling tot dus ver en watter collaborations kan ons in die toekoms verwag?

Hulle is almal amazing experiences op hul eie, op die nuwe album HERVERBEEL wat môre uitkom was dit besonders om saam met TRESOR wat gebore is in die DRC ‘n liedjie te maak wat Engels, Swahili en Afrikaans is.

So as jy en die hele familie lus is om bietjie te bewe hierdie Vrydag, maak seker julle kry julle kaartjies vandag nog by:

iTickets : https://itickets.co.za/events/450452.html

Rooikat Wholesale Liquor

Suikerbossie Teetuin

Radio Laeveld 100.5 FM

Westend Superspar

Die Blue Moon hek

Onthou dat Voorskool- en Laerskool kinder kan 100% gratis inkom.

Alle kiekies was verskaf deur Die Heuwels Fantasties.

Cafe Rock ‘n Throttle

Cafe Rock ‘n Throttle is here and they are going to give us all

a rockin’ good time.

Throughout the years the Lowveld has seen several venues come and go and sadly as venues close down the local artists are getting less and less inspired to perform and create original content. We are at a very fortunate stage because there is a new venue launching on the 11th of September 2020 dedicated to fun times and music.

The venue is in town and is easily accessible. It has secure parking, an epic sound stage and some of the best locally brewed beer. This is not just another venue where the owner wants to pay artists the bare minimum, the venue is owned by Martin Davids and Mel Davids. Both of them have been in the music industry for over a decade, and know exactly how to take care of musicians, not only on stage but off as well!

We were lucky enough to get to have a chat with them before the big launch; let’s see what they had to say:

What made you decide that it is time for a new music venue in the Lowveld?

”Being part of the music scene in Nelspruit, we have seen and experienced that there is a huge demand for live entertainment in the Lowveld, however few venues that accommodate this industry. We love music and being musicians ourselves felt the need to create more opportunities for all artist to visit this music-hungry valley. Hence, Café Rock and Throttle”.

Some venues cater for a specific group, some formal, some for the teens and others for afternoon tea. Who are your target market?

”Only one…music lovers. We don’t care what age, race, culture you derive from.  We have one thing in common, the love for music. (Oh and maybe beer 🙂 )”.

Every venue has something unique, it gives them character. What will make Cafe Rock n Throttle different from other local music venues?

”Our main aim is live entertainment. We are not just another bar. We want people to know that when they come here to be ready for some good tunes and a ‘lekker’ party”.

Is there a specific music genre that you are going to focus on?

”We will try and accommodate most genres of music, however we feel that Rock and Blues have been on the back burner for too long. We are not afraid of loud.  Therefor we felt it fitting to open with Rock Blues band, The Black Cat Bones, to give people an idea of what to expect”.

So this Friday is the big launch, what can we expect?

”Something Nelspruiters haven’t seen since the days of G-Spot (older folks would know) with a little bit of inspiration from our beloved Blue Moon. Rocking music, plenty drinks, positive vibes but mostly one helluva party. It’s time to get rocking”.

There you have it folks, whether you are in town or you’re just passing through, Cafe Rock n Throttle is definitely a destination where you should pop by.

Where can you find them:

📞 083 469 9143
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-Rock-n-Throttle
📍 5 Stinkhout Crescent

The Xpierreience Interview

The Xpierreience

Yes, it’s happened! We had a conversation with The Xpierreience, and now you can also get to know them a bit more!

The Pretoria based band talk gigs, band stories, and their new EP, “The Morning After”.

These ultimate rockers describe themselves in the most simplistic way possible: “We are just 4 musicians from Johannesburg who’s trying to make the world a funkier place”.

Pierre Coetzee
The Xpierreience

When The Xpierreience just started out, it was only Xander (Lead guitar and backing vocals) and Pierre (Vocals). As everyone is probably wondering, what’s up with the name?

“Long story short we had a festival coming up but didn’t know what we were going to call ourselves when the organizers asked us for a band name. So we just decided to use our names to form something..and that is why its called The Xpierreience”. We at Rock Tot love the personal twist on the names, mixed with the word “Experience”; and we can bet your drumsticks that they are exactly that!

Pierre Coetzee & Xander Van Zyl
The Xpierreience

We wanted to get a bit more… personal with the guys and asked them what their favorite road memory was.

Pierre mentioned that it had to be their first tour to Nelspruit in January.

“We had a gig at The Pub on the Friday, Fat boys on the Saturday and Bohemian Groove Cafe on the Sunday so we headed down on the Thursday as it was our Drummer’s birthday.” When they got to Nelspruit, they didn’t have a place to stay, (total rock stars, right?), they ended up phoning Pierre’s cousin and asked if they could crash on his couch.

“After a tedious battle with the GPS we finally got to Sabie about 3 hours later. Once we settled in we went out for a drink an on the way back we have this super duper amazing idea of taking a detour through the tree plantations and wouldn’t you know it we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere at 12:45 at night.”.
Just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse… The guys said that next morning heading back to Nelspruit, one of their car’s wheels fell of while driving…. YES Lowvelders, you read right. “And to make matters worse when the tow truck driver came the car’s battery was dead”.

Ouch.. that’s quite an… Xpierreience.

Ivan Meyer
The Xpierreience

All jokes aside, the guys said that their inspirations range between “Uncle Jimmi Hendrix, as well as The black Cat Bones with their unique Blues sound so its a huge honor to be on the same stage as them”. We are so Xcited to see you guys at Woodcrock 13.1!!! (okay, we will stop with the “X” jokes now.) Get your tickets here!

Pierre also said that “the best way to describe our music is like a hormonal teen, you never know whats coming, is it going to be some blues, some funk or some reggae.. We just don’t know… We just try to jam and whatever sounds cool we play”.

Xander Van Zyl
The Xpierreience

The guys mentioned that they usually write their songs in the spur of the moment, but like to occasionally get together and just jam and write songs. They are actually in the process of finishing their mixing and mastering of their EP: “The Morning After” (which will be released in September) and also have a single dropping on the 9th of August called “Mary Jane”.

I think we are right in saying that The Xpierreience is going places, and we are confident that they are going to be all over radios and festivals near you in the future! Take a look at their Gig Guide and contact details below:

The Xpierreience Gig guide

Call :
061 272 7910


Soul Taxi

If you are a Lowvelder and you are a fan of music, you must have heard of Jaime Negrao.  The man who carried Gibraltar as well as Johnnie and the Latin Blues Express for years.  We all were in shock when they announced their breakup in late 2018.

However, Jaime is not a man that rests, he is a musician with a passion to leave the crowds in awe.  Hence the birth of Soul Taxi.

Soul Taxi, Rock Tot, music blog, lowveld, nelspruit, woodcrock
Jaime Negrao

Soul Taxi has a very diverse sound, you can easily find them at a Sunday afternoon gig performing soft Latin blues; right after you have experienced their magic on a Saturday night of Bob Seger’s old time rock ‘n roll.  In just a couple of months, they have already been receiving recognition, they entertained Nelspruit at the InniBos 2019 pre-show and rocked the socks off as the only local band at InniBos 2019 itself.

soul taxi, mpumalanga, nelspruit, woodcrock, rock tot, music blog
Soul Taxi

Jaime has always been known to experiment with different guitar styles, anything from Brian May’s “Red Special” tone to deep swampy blues.  His young and inspiring nephew Sunny, on the bass, is one of the young leaders of the Lowveld music scene.  He has done session work for Jonathan Peyer as well as Tuin and also had local music projects in the recent past.  The musical jack of all trades a.k.a Neil, whose vast knowledge of instruments stuns the crowd every time.  He can pull out a harmonica, wooden block, cowbell and heaven knows what else at any given time which gives Soul Taxi that special sound.  Wynand behind the drums, is like a metronome.  It will be difficult not to feel his many years of extensive experience behind the drums.

If you ever want to experience a soulful taxi joy ride, feel free to check out Soul Taxi at the links below:


Facebook: Soul Taxi

Contact: 082 808 9727

Email: soultaxisa@gmail.com

Website: soultaxi.webs.com


It is not everyday that your hometown heroes make it in the big leagues, and our fellows from Komatipoort has done just that, they have made it!

CashelTo successfully break into the music industry takes a lot of work, there is countless ticks on your daily to do list, you need to make time for rehearsals, hunt down gigs, meet the right people, spend time on marketing, the list goes on and on.  Now if you are from a small town it is a bit different, the work becomes exponentially more, but the boys from Backstage decided they have got what it takes, they rolled up their sleeves, tuned their guitars and rocked their way straight to a record signing deal with Lamondt International.



In 2018 they released a single named “The Call”, along with the single they filmed the music video at The Pub, Nelspruit which is one of the torch bearers when it comes to live entertainment in the Lowveld.  Not long after releasing the single alongside the music video they started to receive some recognition, it started slow and eventually exploded into the South African music industry.  As part of the success they had the opportunity to close the stage at Beffstock 2019 on the Friday night right after the Springbok Nude Girls.


If you look back now, it was bound to happen, they have originals that will definitely bring out the rocker inside of you, they can adjust their set list to cater for anything from a small private function to a festival headliner.  You would think that after making it into the big leagues that they will forget about where they came from, but that is far from the truth, they remain loyal to the Lowveld and surrounding areas and try to slip in a gig or two at the local venues whenever they can in between their busy schedule.

Mr. Oreilly
Mr. Oreilly

They started back in 2014 and currently consist of four active members, Cashel on lead guitar with a unique style and sound configuration, a sound that will never leave your thoughts.  Mr. Oreilly on bass, that is sticking to the basics of Rock ‘n Roll, 4 string, no pedals, just his bass guitar and his amp.  Hannes Eloff mans the vocal with his deep strong voice that will make the heads turn of the biggest rockers that you have ever came across and then Simeon De Goede on the drums, never missing a beat and always providing a steady foundation for the band.



Now if you are into Rock ‘n Roll and feel the need for some new sounds in your veins, check them out.  You will not regret it.




Contact: 082 308 0077

Email: backstagerockgroup@gmail.com

Website: www.backstagerockgroup.com

Jonathan Peyper Interview

Talent, persistence and entrepreneurial drive, all combined to create the music career of Jonathan Peyper.

Jonathan ‘confesses’ that the guitar is his favorite instrument to play. He is living proof one can earn a living as a professional musician. Jonathan has a Blue’s vibe with a mixture of rock, pop, and a few other things too.  He and I chatted it up about a few different things to do with his music career and his upcoming gigs. 

Rock Tot has been following Jonathan’s career for a while now and it’s clear that he is a staple in the Lowveld community.  He’s an artist known for live-infused bluesy twist to his music.

Jonathan Peyper –
Dedre Photography

Two of his well known and hit singles on is “Watching Over You” and “Dear John Deere”. 

Jonathan’s vocals are raspy in an old timey kind of way.

It’s a vocal range that’s rare and not heard often. It reminds me a lot of those old blues singers from the 1930’s. 


Jonathan is singing as the main event at Rock The Horse Trails on the 8th of June at 8pm.

We asked Jonathan a few questions:

How would you describe your music style?

“My approach to the Blues Rock genre stems from deeply personal experiences and I have proven myself to be not only a superb instrumentalist but also a masterful songwriter and lyricist.” Jonathan says.

Jonathan Peyper – Photo by B Stevens


He evokes emotion with every note and his top class guitar playing rounds off the album with soul and power. Throughout his career there is evidence of musical, emotional and lyrical development. This helps send every listener on his/her own journey when experiencing his work.



Where was the first gig you played and when?

“I played my very first show as Jonathan Peyper Blues Rock band in Pretoria at Steak and Ale, just before they burnt down about a month later.” He goes on to emphasize how fortunate he was to have Jorik Pienaar on drums (Not My Dog), Chris van der Walt on bass (Black Cat Bones), and Heine van der Walt on keys (Borgazm & Son of Hawk).

What are your plans for the future?

When asked what Jonathan’s plans are for this year he said, “I will be releasing my second album this year and we are currently busy with arrangements for a tour of the new album.”

Jonathan Peyper – Dedre Photography

It’s clear that Jonathan has big plans for his future as he already has a plan in mind for an international tour inn 2020, along with a possible third album!

“Next week I will be flying to the Cape to play with Jan Blohm and his band for the Jan Blohm Revue show, together with Roan Ash, Albert Frost, Arno Carstens and many more, also to commemorate the passing of Piet Botha, at the Grand West Theatre. This will be on the 22nd June. Then back in Nelspruit I will be performing with Jan Blohm and his band at Innibos on the 28 June as well as a possible feature with Martin Bester. From there I will be touring with Jan Blohm and start the proceedings for the launch of my second album “Saltation” proudly produced by Dan Patlansky.

As we rapped up the conversation, Jonathan had one more statement:

“R.I.P. Piet Botha! I used to jam along to Jack Hammer in my early years of learning to play the guitar and you will be missed sir. We dedicate this song off the new album to all the family, friends and fans of Piet. He will be “Watching Over You“‘

Listen to the song here!

Contact Jonathanpeyper.artist@gmail.com for bookings!

Like his Facebook Page here!


The vision of a kicking Rock Star

We recently had a chat with Andrew Kay, he is organizing one of the biggest festivals for local bands only.  We spoke about his inspiration for the event, how it came about and so much more…

Find out more:

Andrew Kay, Rock Tot, Rock the trails, nelspruit, lowveld, rocknroll, music



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