Fourth Son South Interview

We had the privilege of speaking to Peter from the band Fourth Son South. Fourth Son South describes their music style as ”being put together with love and care”. Peter explains, ”On our upcoming album we have funk, blues, reggae and ballads but mostly it is rock. And then inspired by the golden age of rock, the 70’s and 80’s when songs were written and not slapped together”.

With Peter Toussaint on lead guitar and vocals, Franco Jamneck on bass and vocal harmonies, Dale McHardy on guitar and Carel “Rumkat” Viljoen on drums and vocal harmonies, Fourth Son South got their band name from Peter. He is from the Netherlands and has thee older brothers.
Peter Describes his song writing process as follows: ”I normally first make the music of a song. There I then have the verses, chorus and things like pre-chorus of bridge where I think vocals must come. Writing lyrics is then the final step”. Peter explains that he usually tries to stay away from really personal topics, ”although of course your experiences determine your look on things. I have a few songs with social topics but generally I try to have uplifting, positive lyrics”.
Fourth Son South
Fourth Son South
Take a look at the questions we asked Fourth Son South:
– What would each member of Fourth Son South be doing, if it were not for music? Career wise?
Peter: I have worked for a while in IT. I found it was eating my soul but yeah, it’s something I have done.
Franco: Biokinetics. Sports injuries and human body wellness. Strange but true.
Carel has had a career as a chef.
– Do you have any bands who inspire the sound of Fourth Son South?
Lots, many! Starting from the Beatles, via Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters. And that was the shortest route because in between we have been soaking up the sounds of probably another 40 different bands. 
Fourth Son South
Fourth Son South // Facebook
– If you could change anything about the South African music scene, what would it be and why?
Oh I’d like it to be bigger. And a prohibition of backtracks. I like karaoke just as much as anyone else but please don’t call it live music.
– None of you are new to the industry and combined you have decades of experience, what made you decided to get together and start a new project?
Even though the name Fourth Son South only appeared at the beginning of 2020, the band has been alive for quite a while be it with quite some changes. The band started out as a trio, the Peter T band. I know, that name is not so original but I quickly had to supply a name. With Franco on bass because we’ve been playing together forever en Jason Venter on drums we played quite a bit. Last year we decide that an extra guitarist would open more horizons musically and we recruited Carel Viljoen on guitar. Carel is actually a drummer but that makes him tight as a guitarist. And it gives a different approach to playing guitar than I always have.
When the EP was more than a thought, I had to finally come up with a name and behold, Fourth Son South was born.
– During lock down you released a bunch of new material, how did you go about recording with all the restrictions in place?
Quite easy, when lockdown started I think every musician first went into shock. I mean, we were no longer allowed to play. Heck, we weren’t allowed to rehearse.
I first maintained my sanity with hosting a music quiz. I had to do something and that was my first idea. It went well but after 3 months with 12 new songs a week I had done it enough. I wanted to do something that would benefit the band!
We had just released our EP but there were still quite a few songs that had not been recorded. I started with the equipment I have at home and recorded songs on my iPad.
Later I borrowed a bass guitar, a proper condenser mic, implemented my mixing desk and started from scratch. So I did it all by myself at home. No restrictions there and all the time in the world.
Fourth Son South // Facebook
Fourth Son South // Facebook
– You (Peter) are in numerous bands, how is this different from your other projects?
This is my baby, all the originals are written by me. Yes, I love all the other bands and projects I participate in and they all make me play and or sing in the different genres but Fourth Son South is the music that suits me best.
– Is there a possibility of another album any time soon?
Hehehe yes! So far I’ve recorded 10 songs and I’ve said to myself that when there’s 12 they are going to come out as an album. So that’s not long to go
– Are you planning on hitting the road after lock down is over?
Most certainly! We have just changed our personnel. Unfortunately Jason has left the band. Carel asked if he please could take over the drum seat. The vacant place on guitar is being filled by Dale McHardy. We are now getting our act together, rehearsing and practicing the new material so we can get out there.

We simply love Fourth Son South & their tunes, you can check them out here:




Contact No: 073 307 5683

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