Cafe Rock ‘n Throttle

Cafe Rock ‘n Throttle is here and they are going to give us all

a rockin’ good time.

Throughout the years the Lowveld has seen several venues come and go and sadly as venues close down the local artists are getting less and less inspired to perform and create original content. We are at a very fortunate stage because there is a new venue launching on the 11th of September 2020 dedicated to fun times and music.

The venue is in town and is easily accessible. It has secure parking, an epic sound stage and some of the best locally brewed beer. This is not just another venue where the owner wants to pay artists the bare minimum, the venue is owned by Martin Davids and Mel Davids. Both of them have been in the music industry for over a decade, and know exactly how to take care of musicians, not only on stage but off as well!

We were lucky enough to get to have a chat with them before the big launch; let’s see what they had to say:

What made you decide that it is time for a new music venue in the Lowveld?

”Being part of the music scene in Nelspruit, we have seen and experienced that there is a huge demand for live entertainment in the Lowveld, however few venues that accommodate this industry. We love music and being musicians ourselves felt the need to create more opportunities for all artist to visit this music-hungry valley. Hence, Café Rock and Throttle”.

Some venues cater for a specific group, some formal, some for the teens and others for afternoon tea. Who are your target market?

”Only one…music lovers. We don’t care what age, race, culture you derive from.  We have one thing in common, the love for music. (Oh and maybe beer 🙂 )”.

Every venue has something unique, it gives them character. What will make Cafe Rock n Throttle different from other local music venues?

”Our main aim is live entertainment. We are not just another bar. We want people to know that when they come here to be ready for some good tunes and a ‘lekker’ party”.

Is there a specific music genre that you are going to focus on?

”We will try and accommodate most genres of music, however we feel that Rock and Blues have been on the back burner for too long. We are not afraid of loud.  Therefor we felt it fitting to open with Rock Blues band, The Black Cat Bones, to give people an idea of what to expect”.

So this Friday is the big launch, what can we expect?

”Something Nelspruiters haven’t seen since the days of G-Spot (older folks would know) with a little bit of inspiration from our beloved Blue Moon. Rocking music, plenty drinks, positive vibes but mostly one helluva party. It’s time to get rocking”.

There you have it folks, whether you are in town or you’re just passing through, Cafe Rock n Throttle is definitely a destination where you should pop by.

Where can you find them:

📞 083 469 9143
📍 5 Stinkhout Crescent

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