Dagdroom Interview

Dagdroom is an Afrikaans Rock n Roll and English Cover Band from the West Rand. Performing cover versions from the ’50s to the present time and founded in January 2015.

Dagdroom / Facebook

They have prolific voices which helps them sing great songs and we find our way to the repeat button whenever we hear them play. Yet few have received the same accolades as Dagdroom. They won the radio 702 up-and-coming artist challenge in 2016, garnering more than a few stories along the way. Dagdroom released their first single in the form of a music video which has reached the charts of radio stations such as RSG, 702 and All Campus Radio. According to the band, what sets Dagdroom apart from the ocean of cover bands available, all comes down to their business-orientated approach, professionalism and flexibility. This Afrikaans Rock & Roll, Indie and Pop band got signed with “The Jim records” record label and continue to amaze their close-knit fans.

When Rock Tot asked the band what made them decide that music was what they wanted to do, they said that “We’ve all had music in our blood from when we were youngsters. Playing music is incredibly fun & therapeutic. The moment you realize that you want to do something for the rest of your life especially in music happens through playing music & that’s exactly what happened”.

Dagdroom / Facebook

The three of them spend nearly all of their free time practicing in Adriaan Schoombie’s (drummer) studio at The Jim Records. “This is a proud display of our dedication towards each other, our fans, followers and clients”.

We asked the men of Dagdroom what their favorite memory is from travelling on the road, “Our first night on tour in Mossel Bay in late 2015 we ended up at Big Blu for a bite to eat & decided to have a jam session in the restaurant. Heyden on banjo, JJ singing & Adriaan made percussion with the use of 2 spoons. While we were playing the power cut off leaving us all in pitch black darkness but it didn’t stop us from continuing to jam “.

Dagdroom / Facebook

Dagdroom can be booked as anything from an acoustic act to a full-piece band, offering much needed flexibility in terms of performance, cost and venue size. If required, Dagdroom can provide their own sound rig fit for performances of any nature.

Contact them here:

Adriaan Schoombie 
Cell : 0817097804
E-mail: schoombie.adriaan007@gmail.com
Bands E-mail : 

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