It is not everyday that your hometown heroes make it in the big leagues, and our fellows from Komatipoort has done just that, they have made it!

CashelTo successfully break into the music industry takes a lot of work, there is countless ticks on your daily to do list, you need to make time for rehearsals, hunt down gigs, meet the right people, spend time on marketing, the list goes on and on.  Now if you are from a small town it is a bit different, the work becomes exponentially more, but the boys from Backstage decided they have got what it takes, they rolled up their sleeves, tuned their guitars and rocked their way straight to a record signing deal with Lamondt International.



In 2018 they released a single named “The Call”, along with the single they filmed the music video at The Pub, Nelspruit which is one of the torch bearers when it comes to live entertainment in the Lowveld.  Not long after releasing the single alongside the music video they started to receive some recognition, it started slow and eventually exploded into the South African music industry.  As part of the success they had the opportunity to close the stage at Beffstock 2019 on the Friday night right after the Springbok Nude Girls.


If you look back now, it was bound to happen, they have originals that will definitely bring out the rocker inside of you, they can adjust their set list to cater for anything from a small private function to a festival headliner.  You would think that after making it into the big leagues that they will forget about where they came from, but that is far from the truth, they remain loyal to the Lowveld and surrounding areas and try to slip in a gig or two at the local venues whenever they can in between their busy schedule.

Mr. Oreilly
Mr. Oreilly

They started back in 2014 and currently consist of four active members, Cashel on lead guitar with a unique style and sound configuration, a sound that will never leave your thoughts.  Mr. Oreilly on bass, that is sticking to the basics of Rock ‘n Roll, 4 string, no pedals, just his bass guitar and his amp.  Hannes Eloff mans the vocal with his deep strong voice that will make the heads turn of the biggest rockers that you have ever came across and then Simeon De Goede on the drums, never missing a beat and always providing a steady foundation for the band.



Now if you are into Rock ‘n Roll and feel the need for some new sounds in your veins, check them out.  You will not regret it.




Contact: 082 308 0077



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