The Color Blew Interview

Lead vocalist – Liaan Horton

We spoke to the Alternative Rock band “The Color Blew“.

With Liaan Horton on Vocals, Timothy James on Lead Guitar, Armando “Stix” Santos on percussion & Drums and Marius “George” Cronje on Bass, this is a rocking collaboration with musos who have been playing since they can remember.



Talking to the Lead Vocalist Liaan Horton of The Color Blew, I get the impression he is down to earth, and totally passionate about music. The Color Blew is a top-shelf classic rock band based in The East Rand. The band differentiates themselves from all other bands in the genre saying, “I think we have a very elaborate musical pallet. Our music incorporates many genres. It has evolved as we have, I feel, individually. Alternative Rock is the overarching feel but we have so many strong flavors coming through that it is just a big tasty melting pot of sound.“.

The band is talented, charismatic, and delivers a show that always leaves the audience wanting more. Ever since founding the band in 2013, Liaan, along with Lead guitarist Timothy, drummer “Stix” and bassist “George”, The Color Blew has Alternative original Rock songs such as, “Damn Bad Monday“, “Lucid Dreaming” and “Angel Lane“.

Percussion & Drums – Armando “Stix” Santos

The band accurately performs their music at places like Annual Port Shepstone Lions Show, Jarr Bar, and at the Vrystaat Kunstefees, just to name a few.

I talked with The Color Blew about the band’s history, and the first gig they ever played. Liaan made it sound easy, “The first time we played together was not exactly in this format – or, band member line-up, was October 26, 2013. We played at Lady Luck in Springs, supporting the Black Cat Bones! We had all been in other bands before this”  Before explaining that he knows they are something extraordinary! His secret was that “part of that equation is the support we get from our fan family. They are exceptional!

Timothy James, the color blew, music south africa, music, music blog, nelspruit, rock tot
Timothy James – Lead Guitarist




It’s obvious The Color Blew has a light, breezy, casual way of connecting with the audience.



T-shirts are sold for the faithful fans, several of which wear theirs to each show, a basic black with white writing of the name and the band logo:

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When asked what their plans were for the future, Liaan mentioned that one of the main goals is to solidify themselves as a name in the local scene and would love to play regular festival slots and small town shows around the country.

The color blew, music blog, music, local music,
Marius “George” Cronje – Bass Guitarist


At the end of the day, Rock Tot just loves music, but The Color Blew gives you so much more than that.

They give you experience, vocal range that’s rare and not heard often and and all round rocking time! It was an honor to speak to them and we cant wait for their new album!



Book The Color Blew:

Facebook: The Color Blew

Contact: 082 771 2879



Their Next Events:

When: Saturday, 15 June 2019

And free entry too!

When: Saturday, 6 July 2019

When: 28-29 September 2019

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